The word “Yaga” comes from the folklore icon, Baba Yaga. She helped people free themselves from what they feared and what could not be seen, so that it no longer ruled their life.


Structure of the Inner Yaga Foundation

The Inner Yaga Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that began in 2001. We have a Governing Council, and a Board of Directors elected by the Council. The Board collaborates with the Council and assures the financial stability of the organization. The Board also collaborates with Yaga Circles and administrative staff. There are many opportunities for Yaga sisters in our organization as volunteers and leaders.


Board and Council


2017 Board of Directors

President, Christi Landrum
Secretary, DarylAnne Brooke
Treasurer, DarylAnne Brooke
Member, Heather Merritt

Administrative assistant, Kim Fisher


Governing Council

Teresa Atwill
Michael Dunn
Becky Fasth
Teddy Gardner
Barb Stevens-Newcomb
Debbie Zygmuntowicz


The founder of the Inner Yaga Foundation is Barb Stevens-Newcomb.

Barb Stevens-Newcomb grew up in rural Wisconsin with seven siblings; and as a teenager lived in Mexico and Argentina. She earned a bachelors in art education, and master’s of teaching arts in education in the U.S.; and an administrative leadership degree in education. She is a life-long educator, teaching K-12 Spanish and art, plus education and communication courses to university students. Her mother and step father were therapists involved in cutting-edge group therapy and transformational personal growth work. In her 30s, she began her own personal growth work and was involved in many different modalities, finding that she wanted to see something else, something new, something full of love and healing and spirituality in a creative and affirming manner. The Inner Yaga Foundation grew out of that desire, and from a spiritual calling and vision she had. Barb says, “It is a total delight to see how the Yaga has evolved and been embraced on the wings of many women leaders.”