Join a Yaga Circle

In Yaga Circles, women begin a deeper journey to develop courage, practice honesty as a way of living, and connect in safety. Deep knowing arises when a woman does inner work with the support of witnesses dedicated to her discovery of her own authentic truth. Women learn how to intentionally generate transformative growth for themselves within safe, sacred circles of committed women.

Membership in a Yaga Circle is free, and requires attendance at the Fall Training and the subsequent Circle Training.


Open Circles

Online Yaga Circle invites you to visit Tuesday nights. Call Annie at 541-517-8415 or Christi at 360-643-3207 for more info.

The Bellevue (Washington) Circle invites visitors.  Please call Lisa at 425-864-7145 for information.

Bothell (Washington) Circle invites you to visit. Please call or text Barbara at 206-601-4223 for details.

Corvallis (Oregon) Circle invites you to visit!  Please call Becky at 541-602-9109 for location and details.

Eugene (Oregon) Circle invites you to visit their circle.  Please call Annie at 541-517-8415 for location and dates.

Newport (Oregon) Circle has Open Circles.  Please call Teresa at 541-265-5579 for time and place.

Our Port Townsend (Washington) Circle hosts Open Circles on some Wednesday evenings!  Call Laura to find out when and where:  360-531-3303.

The Portland (Oregon) Circle is open to women who have attended the Inner Yaga Fall Training. Please call Sheila at 503-803-8258 for information.

Snoqualmie Valley (North Bend, Washington) Circle invites you to an Open Circle on January 24, 2018. Call/text Michelle at 907-230-5617 for details.

South Whidbey Island (Washington) invites you to visit. Call or text Christi for details at 360-643-3207.

For a glimpse into Inner Yaga Circles, we offer Open Circles at various dates and locations. 
The Open Circle is an existing circle that invites new women to visit a meeting of their circle. They are warm and interactive, offering a chance to ask questions and hear experiences. Learn more about the work we do and learn about the Fall Training!

To send an inquiry about dates and location, please send us a message with your location and contact information. Tell us a little about yourself. We will reply to your request with Open Circle schedules.


Find a Circle

Inner Yaga Circles are thriving, growing or forming in the following communities. You could be part of that in your town. A circle can form in your community if three or four women attend Fall Training! We invite you to visit a circle to find out what it’s like and to meet women in your area who are involved in this work.

Bellevue, WA
Bothell, WA
Bend/Redmond, OR
Corvallis, OR
Eugene, OR
Fairbanks, AK
Newport, OR
Port Townsend, WA
Portland, OR
Snoqualmie, WA
Whidbey Island, WA


Circle Visitor Policy

Visiting a Yaga Circle is a wonderful way to take steps down the path to self-discovery. If you are invited to visit a Yaga Circle, you may attend up to four meetings. At that time, we ask whether you would like to commit to joining the circle. If you make a verbal commitment to attend the Trainings, and when registration opens, you sign up for the Inner Yaga Fall Training and our Circle Training, you are welcome to continue attending.